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Learn How To Publish Your Own Books And Audiobooks In An Automated Fashion That Will Pay You A Dollar Income For Life!

Dear Friend,

You’re in a tough spot!!

I know because I’ve been there before.

You are looking for an online business that is SIMPLE enough for a beginner entrepreneur BUT pays big time bucks in dollars!

You want to EXPONENTIALLY increase your online business income and you want your income to be consistent too..…

After all, how thrilling will it be to see…..

  • Consistent sales and income on a monthly basis
  • Your business increasing without any of those ‘technical things’ you don’t even know how to do
  • Yourself finally relaxing and stop having high blood pressure thinking about your financial commitments
  • Yourself building a publishing empire you can hand over to your children

The only problem is.....you’re just not sure how to pull it off!

If that is you.......

Then allow me to introduce you to...............

The QUICKEST and MOST EFFECTIVE 'easy to follow' PROVEN system to become a successful audiobook publisher in ONLY 12 weeks.

Once you see how SIMPLE this is, you’ll wonder why you have been waiting.…

Even if you’re busy, bad at writing, or don’t know where to start, you CAN build a successful publishing business.

As long as you use......

The Automated Book Income-Generating System (ABIS)TM

The Automated Book Income-Generating System (ABIS) is the only system that’s shows you how to use JUST 2-hours of your time everyday to make AT LEAST $1000 month after month 

Starting with ONLY 2 things: The Right Mindset and the ABIS System!

The ABIS Is Probably the Easiest System That You Have Ever Come Across That Will Show You How To Publish And Earn Consistently From Your Own Books And Audio Books

Listen to a sample audio book by clicking here

Let’s face it.

Traditional book publishing is dying.

The Automated Book Income-Generating System (ABIS) is an unlimited access to a mega-course that guides you step by step, taking you from a complete beginner to making serious and consistent passive income month after month with your own books and audiobooks.

In this mega-course, we are going to break down the best way to write your books and audiobooks from start to finish. Then you will learn the secrets for producing and marketing your book — so you can start making money from your masterpiece immediately!

“There’s A Long Rocky Road To

Making Consistent Income In Your Publishing Business…

And Then There’s A Shortcut

And I’m About To Hand You That Shortcut…

An easy ‘step by step’ system that takes you by the hand from zero to an established audiobook publisher, regardless of your writing, narrating or business experience, to create powerful books and audiobooks that will get you the exact side income you have been craving!!

How Does it Work?

It's very simple. You read the blueprint, watch the videos, complete the assignments, use the templates provided, follow the process, and get the results.

You may have heard about book publishing before but trust me when I tell you that this ABIS is DIFFERENT!

Using the tips and strategies taught in this course, you will be able to create and upload ebooks and audio books that will pay you month after month, long after the work is done!

Just do the work once and earn CONTINUOUSLY!

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Make Serious Money With Your Own Self Publishing Business.....

Why Join ABISTM (What You Stand to Benefit)

  • It is the easiest and most assured online business to give you real passive income.

  • Low investment entry – you can start with little investment. No website needed

  • You will make money for years to come!!! This is a side hustle that pays you in dollars, month after month, consistently, long after you have completed the work

  • Audiobooks are in HIGH DEMAND. Your books will sell as long as you use the templates in this course.

  • It is broken down and simple. Even a 13-year-old can understand and make money from it

  • It requires only a few hours of your week

  • No writing needed. You DON’T even have to write a single word

  • It takes only about 6 to 8 weeks to create an epic bundle that sells like hot cakes.

  • It does not matter what country you live in.

  • You can pass your book royalties to your children

  • You can make enough money to invest in other businesses and investments and to enjoy your life.

  • The course comes with all the templates you need.

Who is This for?

ABIS is for anybody who wants to start making additional income by publishing books and audiobooks.....even if you have failed in other online businesses.

It works for anybody, regardless of your age, degree, location, knowledge or previous experience. Basically, this is for ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and profitable online business!

All you need is a desire to make money and the ability to read and collate.

What is in The Course/Training?

Course Length: You Have Lifetime Access to The Course

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The Goal: To get you to start making MASSIVE passive income from publishing ebooks and audiobooks using the easiest system ever - the ABIS System.

There are 14 Amazing and Valuable Modules In This Mega-Course.

Here's s snapshot of what this looks like...

...and you're getting 

  • Module 1: The foundation to success with publishing
  • Module 2: Starting your publishing business
  • Module 3: The ABIS keyword research method
  • Module 4: Title creation
  • Module 5: Cover creation
  • Module 6: Book description
  • Module 7: Writing your book
  • Module 8: Editing and formatting
  • Module 9: Building your automated review system
  • Module 10: Publishing to KDP
  • Module 11: Add gasoline to the fire
  • Module 12: Audiobook narration
  • Module 13: Getting reviews
  • Module 14: Creating your epic bundle

But wait…..you ALSO get these some amazing BONUSES

And with the bonuses added, here's everything you're getting TODAY when you join the Automated Book Income-Generating System Program:

  • The ABIS video course: The Complete ABIS Video Course (40+ hours of step-by-step training) with 10 High Value Easy-To-Follow Modules that take you literally step by step from absolute beginner to selling hundreds of books and audiobooks in 6 weeks or less.

  • PDF Documents which are transcripts of the videos also with easy to follow steps
  • 15 Done-For-You Templates & Resources: These templates were created for you to allow you focus on making money as quickly as possible.

  • The Top 4 Proven Niches for Audio Books: If you’ve been worried about choosing the right niche… don’t be! We’ve done the hardest part for you. These are for you to copy and steal.

  • Email List Secrets – A comprehensive guide on how to use email to set up a profitable email list for your publishing business ($47)

  • Copywriting secrets from an expert  ($47)

  • The best-selling book ‘Published – Proven path from blank page to published author’ by Chandler Bolt ($27)

And in ADDITION, exclusively for those who join within 48 hours of our launch date, you get two other amazing bonuses that we have not announced here…….trust me, those 2 bonuses will blow your mind!!

When Does it Start?

Its already on!

You can grab the ebook course right now!!

……And you can start the moment you enroll.

However, you would have to wait just a little bit longer for the video course...

We will keep you updated as we move closer to launch date for the comprehensive video course and you will have the opportunity to get in before the spaces fill up.

ABIS is the Place to Be If You Care About RESULTS.

In just 6 weeks, you'll be able to start your own publishing business from scratch and take your place in the EXPLODING audiobook market

You can complete the course on your own time and schedule. You can go as fast or as slow as you wish.

Oh, and you get lifetime access to everything.

“However, Don’t Get Too Excited.

This Offer Isn’t For Everybody…”

It is only for those who are desperate to make a change to their financial status, no matter what! Those who will take action and believe in investing in themselves!!

First though, let’s talk ‘price’. You knew the proven audiobook publishing blueprint I’m offering today wasn’t going to come cheap… but I bet when I tell you how much this is going to cost it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

But first let me ask you…

What would it be worth to finally own a booming successful publishing business that paid you in dollars consistently month after month....after you have ONLY done the work once? N100,000? 150 grand? N250 grand?

Over the course of your business and life, that's probably a very small amount to invest for that kind of consistent income.

But don't worry. This won’t cost you anywhere near N250,000. 

Like I said earlier, I want to finally make this essential skill readily accessible to everyone. That’s why…

…For a limited time  ONLY, I’m offering you the option of……..

Grabbing this amazing 'audiobook publishing' product for ONLY 50% of its normal price for JUST N14,999

But be warned: this price is part of a marketing test I have underway. The results will be in soon and if I don’t like them I’ll start testing a new higher price.

But I’m not done yet…

When you claim your copy of The Audiobook Publishing Blueprint you can also secure one of the limited 20 minutes one-on-one consultation slots that normally costs N5,000. But for making a purchase TODAY, not only will you be getting all the bonuses already mentioned, you also get this FREE 20 minute consultation (worth N5000)

However, my generosity comes with a small catch…

In return, all I ask is you write a short testimonial documenting how you are enjoying the blueprint and the results you are getting.

Jump on this quick, though. I can only book so many one-on-one consultation sessions before my schedule gets too hectic and my family has to hide my laptop and phone so I cant find them!

If you are still on the fence (even though I’m truly giving away the entire house here) see if my ‘can’t lose’ guarantee gives you the peace of mind to act now before it's too late and someone takes your place.

It’s pretty simple really. We KNOW our program is awesome, and we guarantee you will find it so too. To prove it, we’ll give you up to 30 days to test us out.

 Not feeling it? No problem. Just send us an emaiwith evidence that you actually did the work and failed. And you will be refunded 100% back

So what do you say… Ready to get started?  Click the button below

Are you still thinking and wondering why you should even bother to join this program? Especially if you have even tried other online businesses before and failed?!

Sweet........I like that question and I will answer it below.....              

Why You Should Join The ABIS Program And Start Publishing Your Own Books And Audio Books in 6-8 Weeks Or Less, And Making Consistent Income

I am interested but can't afford it right now. What can I do?

You can pay a 50% initial deposit installment by bank transfer. You will need to pay the balance in one month's time. However, you will only have access to the course when your payment is completed. Kindly note that there is no refund option for your 50% initial deposit if you fail to pay the balance. Only use this option if you are sure you will pay the balance.

Can this work for someone in Nigeria? Will it work for me?          

Of course! It would work perfectly for you no matter where you live. You do not need any sort of expertise to be hugely successful at publishing your audio books. Just come with a desire to be successful. Anyone can do this!

With ABIS, you will publish your ebooks on Amazon and your audiobooks on Audible.

How profitable are audio books?                                                  

The market for audio books is so huge that we have not even scratched the surface. This is the best time to get in and claim your turf.

If this program is so great, why is it ridiculously cheap compared to similar programs out there?

I know that there are similar programs that cost way more than this. However, I am giving this program away for a 50% discount ONLY for a limited time. The price will revert to it's original price pretty soon. You would be nuts not to take advantage of this crazy discount right now. Moreover, even without the discount, you are getting far more value that you would pay for it.


I have a full-time job. How much time do I need to dedicate to building my publishing business?                                                     

It is understandable that you likely have a full time job. So, this course was designed in such a way that you can do this around your job schedule and at your own pace. Eventually you can quit your job and be free.

Note that you don’t even have to write the books or audio books yourself. We will show how to handle this inside the course.

And by the way, you don’t need any other course. The ABIS is all you need to become a profitable publisher. We have templates for everything in the course – you basically just copy and paste.

How do I know if my payment has been successful?

Payment confirmation is automatic if you pay using the payment buttons. You will be redirected to the training page no matter what time of day. 

Why do we have refund requirements?                                

Because ABIS works!! But it only works IF you use it and actually take action. If you use the course and the ABIS system and fail within 30 days, we take full responsibility and refund, but you have to show that you actually did the work.

I have more questions that are not answered here, how do I get answers?      

If you have any questions at all about the course, you can send an email. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for us to respond.

Our Guarantee

It’s pretty simple really. We KNOW our program is awesome, and we guarantee you will find it so too. To prove it, we’ll give you up to 30 days to test us out.

 Not feeling it? No problem. Just send us an email with evidence that you actually did the work and failed. And you will be refunded 100% back

Can you afford to let an opportunity this unique to slip through your fingers and into someone else’s lap? Click the button below to start your publishing empire today!!

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